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We are pleased to present the new SIMCA App, a powerful tool created by real estate agents next to real estate developers to facilitate a boost the work of real estate agents and brokers.  What does this app do that is so special? Keep reading to find out! 

Who created the new app for real estate agents and brokers?

SIMCA Developments  is a recognised leading business in the real estate sector with years of experience and a successful track record in the development of quality projects.  Its reputation is based in the creation of exceptional developments and the satisfaction of its clients around the world.  Now, SIMCA has taken the next step by presenting their new app, giving professionals in the sector a powerful and innovative tool.

RefnWin: The first platform for real estate brokers and agents that implements Artificial Intelligence.  

The arrival of RefnWin marks a before and after in the industry by incorporating Artificial Intelligence.  This revolutionary technology automates many operative tasks, which saves time and effort.  From the management of contacts to the visualization of reports and statistics, the AI takes charge of the majority of the heavy load, allowing you to concentrate on the most important thing: closing sales and providing exceptional service to your clients.  

Centralize your communications with RefnWin 

Imagine being able to share communications with your whole contact network from just one platform.  RefnWin makes that possible.  Being a real estate agent or broker with just a few clicks, you will be able to send updates, information regarding destinies or developments to your clients through channels like social media, email and instant messaging.   Additionally, the RefnWin App allows you to consolidate all your leads in just one place automatically, providing you with a clear and organized vision of your business opportunities.

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Download the RefnWin app for real estate agents and brokers and Try it for Free. 

We are so excited for the launch of RefnWin that we want you to try it free of charge for a limited time.  Discover for yourself how this App can transform and optimize your work in the passionate world of real estate.

RefnWin is the perfect ally for real estate agents and brokers that are looking for higher efficiency, automation and amplification of the network.  Take advantage of the power of Artificial Intelligence and consolidate all your operations in just one easy to use platform. 

Don’t let this unique opportunity to transform and optimize your real estate business pass.  Download RefnWin for Android or iOS right now and get ready for your success in the real estate marker to reach the next level.  Download the App now and get ready to take your business to the next level!

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