Explore Success in Gran Tulum Phase 2: Your Investment Opportunity in the Riviera Maya.

At RefnWin, we are committed to providing you with the best real estate projects in the Mexican southeast with the help of SIMCA Desarrollos. For this reason, the legacy of Gran Tulum, the most emblematic residential development in one of the most visited destinations in Mexico, has been continued.

Gran Tulum has marked a milestone in the way of living and investing in the Riviera Maya, and we are confident that its second phase will write a new story of greatness.

Are you ready to add this development to your project portfolio?

This phase will give your clients the opportunity to experience a life in harmony with nature through its exclusive premium apartments, designed to be used as a second residence. Located in Tulum 101, the first luxury residential community planned in the Riviera Maya, you will enjoy direct access to the sea, a benefit that has boosted its capital gains in recent years, making it the most desired community to live in.

By investing in the premium 2 and 3 bedroom apartments in Gran Tulum Phase 2, you will have access to exclusive amenities that will increase the value of your investment. From swimming pools to a community garden and orchard, organic Zen bar, spa, gym, observatory and hammock area, these amenities are designed to elevate your clients' living experience. Additionally, they will have access to the amenities of the Tulum 101 community, such as an art center, local cuisine pavilion, wellness center, underground spa and much more.

But that's not all: Gran Tulum Phase 2 provides proximity to the most notable sites in Tulum, such as the Gran Cenote, the archaeological zone and the Tulum National Park. This means that it not only guarantees maximum capital gains, but also the opportunity to increase your profits by offering an apartment as a vacation rental to the thousands of tourists who visit this destination.

100% insured investment

Tulum is the destination chosen by millions of travelers every year. According to the Mexican Institute for Competitiveness, investing in this city is a safe bet, with an impressive 15% increase in capital gains. And that is just the beginning! With Gran Tulum Phase 2, you can expect an annual return of up to 14% when renting your property, and with projects like the Mayan Train, a 25% increase in real estate value is predicted.

Boost your sales with this unique opportunity

At Refnwin, we fully trust that Gran Tulum Phase 2 is your opportunity to grow as a broker or real estate agent. Those who purchased a property in the first phase witness the impressive growth of their initial investment. Don't think twice, get to know Gran Tulum Phase 2 and join us to achieve the success of your real estate business.

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